Courtyard House, 45 Church Street, Epsom Barwell Business Park, Chessington
Unit 21d Longmead, Epsom
Courtyard House, 45 Church Street, Epsom Barwell Business Park, Chessington

There was a time not so long ago, when management was considered the poor
relation of the property world. To a great extent that view has on the face of it, changed, and its importance is recognised by many firms.
Nevertheless, Bridger Bell do not pay lip service to that importance, and recognise how integral a good management company can be to the success, or otherwise, of a property investment. Consequently, we make the following commitments;

Our services include:
- Rent Collection & Payment
- RICS compliant account reporting
- Service Charge Management
- Insurance co-ordination
- Dilapidations and Repairs
- Asset Management advice
- Project Co-ordination
- Facilities Management

1 Management is not regarded as a loss leader to obtain other instructions, or just to add another notch to an ever more stretched belt.
2 A personal hands on service from Bridger Bell Partners is provided. The instruction is not passed down the ranks for the latest graduate to cut his teeth, with a senior representative only showing up at meetings.
3 The partners are experienced by practice, and not just the letters after their name In management that practical experience, plus "common sense" are absolutely essential.
4 Every instruction, big or small, is regarded as important.
5 Collection of sums due, in particular rents, is of course a priority, but not at the expense of the interface with tenants, and any legitimate issues that they may have. These are not brushed aside to become greater problems later. A satisfied tenant is likely to be more disposed to pay rent, than one who is disgruntled, and is more likely to be open about any difficulties that they may be under.
6 Bridger Bell are flexible, not tied down by bureaucracy, and able to deal swiftly with individual requests or requirements of clients.
In all of these ways, and more, Bridger Bell exceed what is provided by the "average" agent, If you want to know more therefore about this superior service contact: Robert Collins MRICS
Bridger Bell Commercial LLP
Direct Dial: 01372 730006
Mobile: 07876 798891